Talent84 Successfully Deliver CEO Appointment for Seaward Group

2nd March 2021 - News

Seaward Group recently announced the appointment of their new Chief Executive Officer, Chris Callan.

North East born Chris, took up the role on 1st February having developed a successful career in the electronics industry, working with businesses around the UK and in the USA.

Seaward employs 160 people and is a market leading manufacturer of electronic test and measurement instruments, operating in a variety of global markets. In 2015, they became part of Metrawatt’s GMC Instrumentation Group.

Chris joins Seaward having been through a rigorous recruitment process led by the team at Talent84.

Speaking of the project, Andrew Mears said “We have a successful partnership with Seaward and have previously recruited several key positions including their CTO and CFO, so we we’re delighted to be engaged to find the businesses next CEO”.

He went onto say “This was such a critical project for the business and its future development. We needed to get the right balance of technical capability, proven success in leadership and cultural fit, in what is a very competitive labour market”.

Talent84’s approach comprised a variety of attraction, engagement and assessment tools, including a full range of marketing resources to promote the business and opportunity. From this, the team were able to develop an outstanding candidate pool which was assessed in detail, before appropriate candidates were selected and introduced to Seaward.

Of the experience working with Talent84, Tom Talbot, Seaward’s Chief Operating Officer said “Our experience of working with Andrew and the team at Talent84 has always been one where professionalism and partnership are at the core of the relationship. Their team provided a seamless process with flexibility to meet the changing situation and constraints of the time. They gave us the result we needed and reinforced the reasons why we partner with them for our senior recruitment needs.”

As the project progressed, the challenges presented by the pandemic increased. “Restrictions on travel meant it was impossible for us to deliver the process the way we had hoped” said Mears. “We had to be agile and adapt, while maintaining a quality experience for all involved and not to the detriment of the outcome”.

Speaking of the process and his experience, Chris Callan commented “my experience with Talent84 as a candidate was excellent. Andrew is a fantastic communicator providing regular touch points and updates, keeping momentum during a complex process. Andrew also maintained a high-level communication between myself and the business to make sure the most important issues were clear – it really felt like Andrew was working for both parties best interests.”

Despite the challenges, Seaward and Metrawatt were able to make an outstanding appointment and with Chris now in post, the whole organisation is looking forward to building for the future.

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