Talent 84 x Greggs Foundation – 20 mile Charity Walk

Not knowing what was more galling: the prospect of walking 20 miles or the sub 6 am pickup time, our intrepid team of Talent84 ‘volunteer’ walkers embarked on the Greggs Foundation ‘St Oswalds Walk’ on the 5th May 2022

The walk was a 20 mile charity fundraiser for the Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club Programme from Lindisfarne to Bamburgh Castle.

The Breakfast Club Programme – established in 1999 to help primary school children get a nutritious start to their school day.  Every school is provided with fresh bread from their nearest Greggs shop and a grant to support start-up and ongoing costs.

The Greggs Foundation is a cause close to our hearts here at Talent84.  We have been working in partnership with Greggs Foundation for quite some time now, funding 180 pupils each day.  Never underestimate the value of these breakfasts on the children that need them most.

The walk itself started well enough, we’re very lucky to have such wonderful coastline and countryside in Northumberland and the route took us through some rather spectacular scenery: from hills to woods, meadows to inexplicably long golf courses (grr) and some beautiful villages in between. While some of the fitter members of the group looked like they could have ran it, the more  inactive members began to feel the burn, after a delightful Greggs catered lunch stop at the 12 mile mark.

All the walkers dug deep and used their Greggs-fueled energy stores to complete the final grueling 8miles and arrived at the breathtaking Bamburgh Castle for some well earned refreshments.

All in all, a whopping £34000 was raised on the day, the equivalent of 136,000 breakfasts for the Greggs Foundation!

An amazing achievement!

Battered, bruised, blistered and walking like the Tinman, a huge round of applause goes out to our brave bunch of walkers:

  • Lucie Lowe
  • Michael Grayson
  • Will Lowe
  • Olivia Davies
  • Peter Lowe
  • Cassie Hutton
  • Catalin Pantea
  • Dan Sempers
  • Adam Knox
  • Mollie Gallagher
  • Jordan Edusei
  • Rachel Richardson
  • Elvis Aghatise
  • Paul Jones
  • Jeremy Weeks
  • Colin McDade



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You can still sponsor Team Talent84 for their efforts and of course the Greggs Foundation at the following link:

  • https://greggs.enthuse.com/pf/talent84-42a29


To read more about the fantastic work the Greggs Foundation do, please visit:

  • https://www.greggsfoundation.org.uk/


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